Sixth Class Name.
Pin showing that student has finished the Class.
Guide Ribbon. For the Advanced Class.
Guide Chevron. To be placed on the Left Sleeve.


  1. Be a teenager 15 years of age, and/or in Grade 10 or its equivalent.
  2. Know and understand the AY Legion of Honor.
  3. Be an active member of Pathfinder Club.
  4. Select and read one book of your choice from the Teen Book Club list, plus a book on local church history (select book for your division or country).


  1. Complete the Stewardship Honor.


Spiritual Discovery

  1. Discuss how the Christian can possess the gifts of the Spirit as described by Paul in his letter to the Galatians.
  2. Study and discuss how the Old Testament Sanctuary Service points to the cross and the personal ministry of Jesus.
  3. Read and outline 3 stories of Adventist pioneers. Tell these stories during a Pathfinder Club, AY or Sabbath School Worship time.
  4. Have a current Memory Gem Certificate.



  1. Read Steps to Christ and write a one page report/essay.


Community Outreach

  1. As a group (or individually) help organize and participate in one of the following:
    1. Make a friendship visit with a shut-in person.
    2. Adopt a person or family in need and assist them.
    3. Any other outreach of your choice approved by your leader.
  2. Participate in a discussion on witnessing to other teenagers and put some of the guidelines into practice in a real situation.



  1. Complete one of the following:
    1. Bring 2 friends to at least 2 meetings sponsored by your church.
    2. Help plan and participate in at least four meetings of youth evangelism or similar events.


Friendship Development

  1. In group discussion and by personal inquiry, examine your attitudes to two of the following topics.
    1. Choosing Your Career
    2. Moral Behavior
    3. Sex and Dating
    4. Choosing Your Life Partner



  1. Write (minimum of 750 words.) or give an oral presentation (minimum 10 minutes) on the subject of “How to make and keep friends.”


Health and Fitness

  1. Make a presentation to elementary students on the subject of the laws of good health.
  2. Complete one of the following activities:
    1. Write a poem or article for possible submission to one of the Health/Temperance Journals of the church.
    1. Individually or as a group, organize and participate in a “Fun Run” or similar activity. Discuss and record your physical training program in preparation for this event.
    2. Read pages 102-125 in the book “Temperance” by Ellen White, and pass the true/false quiz.
  1. Complete the Honor in Nutrition or lead a group through the Physical Fitness Honor.



  1. Seeking God’s plan regarding sexual behavior – AIDS & STD’s.


Organization and Leadership Development

  1. Following discussion, prepare a flow chart on denominational organization, with special details for your Division.
  2. Attend a conference sponsored Basic Pathfinder Staff Training Course.
  3. Plan and teach at least two requirements of any Pathfinder Honor for a group of Junior Pathfinders.


Nature Study

  1. Read the story of Jesus childhood in the Desire of Ages chapter 7 and relate it to the place of Nature Study in His education and ministry by going orally before an audience on original nature lessons (parable) drawn from your study and observations.
  2. Complete one of the following Honors:
    1. Ecology
    1. Environmental Conservation


Outdoor Living

  1. Go on a two-night pack camp. Discuss the equipment to be taken.
  2. Plan and cook in a satisfactory manner a three-course meal on an open fire.
  3. Complete an object of lashings or rope work.
  4. Complete one honor not previously earned which can count towards the Aquatic, Sportsman, Recreation, or Wilderness Master.



  1. Complete the Wilderness Master.


Lifestyle Enrichment

  1. Complete an Honor in Outreach Ministries, Outdoor Industries, Vocational, Health and Science, or Household Arts not previously completed.